Get To Know Your Craftsman

Tommy Pope:
I started in the upholstery business when I was 16, working in the cutting department.  Hard work, attention to detail, and a good eye for the business led quickly to several promotions. Eventually I was selected to design for a major local furniture factory. Within few years I started a small upholstery business on the side because I was continually requested for custom work. This is what lead me to working on automotive interiors. Friends and family had asked me to help them with seats, headliners and door panels.

For years I had ordered Corvette seat covers from various suppliers and was disappointed with the quality that I found. The seat covers fit poorly or had loose stitching. Knowing that this would be a poor refection on my work, I decided to just start making my own. As more of my work got out, word spread and I was approached by J.C. Whitney to manufacture Corvette seats covers for them.

Every single one of the seat covers are cut, sewn and inspected by me. That is why I guarantee all my seats so in the event that there is a problem, I can be reached directly to resolve the issues. How many other companies can say that? The fact is, you will not find a better seat cover anywhere at any PRICE!